Android Emulation: Emulating Console Games on Android [Info-graphic]

Android Emulation: Emulating Console Games on Android [Info-graphic]

Android emulation is a great way to play classic console games on your new smartphone or tablet. Android emulation has developed in recent years to let you play games from consoles including the PSP, Playstation, Nintendo DS and more.

How do emulators work?

Android emulation lets you load your favourite console games via a virtual console on your Android tablet or smartphone. You can load ROMS, available from a quick google search for your game of choice, to play these games. For example, search for a Zelda game ROM for your chosen console, load up the right emulator and then load up your ROM to start playing. Many emulators can be found on the Google Play store. There are emulators for the Game Boy, GBA, PSP, PS1, Sega, Nintendo DS, N64 and more.

Popular Apps For Android Emulation

There are a huge range of Android emulation apps available on the Google Play store. See some of the most popular Android emulation apps below:

  • Drastic DS EmulatorOne of the best Nintendo DS emulators available. This emulator is continually updated and able to support a huge number of games. The controls and menu options are easy to use, but it will come at a price of 7.99 from Google Play. For a working Nintendo DS emulator, this is a small price.
  • FPse for Android: One of the best Playstation emulators available. FPse will let you play Playstation One games on your Android smartphone or tablet. This emulator has a great range of supported tames, excellent options, easy to use controls and a great gaming experience.
  • John GBC: This is a great Game Boy and Game Boy Colour emulator, letting you play those classic console games from your youth. This is a very stable, highly rated emulator with a great range of supported games and excellent controls. You can also fast forward, play at turbo speed and more.
  • MyBoy GBA Emulator: This is one of the top rated emulators available from the Google Play store. This great emulator lets you play Game Boy Advanced games on your Android device. MyBoy supports a huge range of games, and is great for those classic RPG games. The emulator is customisable and looks good too.
  • SuperN64: People have been wanting a good N64 emulator on Android devices for a whole, and SuperN64 delivers. A great emulator with only a few small glitches here and there, but great compared to other N64 emulators. This one is free too.
  • SuperGNES: The Super Nintendo is hailed as one of the greatest consoles ever, so why not emulate it on your Android device. SuperGNES lets you emulate a huge range of classic Super Nintendo games. This includes classics like Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy 3.
  • GENDroid Sega Emulator: Another classic console, not as popular as the rest but still worth emulating for its classic games. These include Sonic the Hedgehog, one of the iconic Sega games. This is one of the few Sega emulators available.
  • PPSPP PSP Emulator: The PSP is less popular among emulators but PPSPP will let you emulate your favourite PSP games. This emulator supports a decent amount of ROMS but there are some compatibility issues.
  • Nostalgia NES Pro: Remember those classic Mario Bros games? You can play them on your Android device using the Nostalgia NES Pro emulator. This is a great, stable and highly compatible emulator that will let you play those classic NES games.

See more in the below info-graphic:

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Emulating Console Games with the Android OS


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  1. I’m using the DraStic DS emulator and the My Boy GBA emulator (paid) at the moment. The reason is, that both of my consoles broke, but I did have so many games to play for these two consoles. So I thought it would be good to get an emulator. But I didn’t like the controls on my computer, also it was not really comfortable, as you could only play at home. Mobile emulators are really great.


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